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One percent. Less than one percent actually. That’s what separates us genetically from a creature that is as happy in the trees as he is on land, whose upper body strength is more than five times that of a man, and whose powerful jaws could take your hand off with a single bite. A creature that came before us and still shares our world…a creature we traditionally relegate to circus tents, jungle movies, zoos, and, yes, “research” labs…the chimpanzee...

There is greatness and distinction in each of us. That power is embodied in the story we have to tell about our journey, our business, ourselves.


Your business card is not an all-access ticket. You need more. Something that speaks to the bigger picture -- the platform -- that is you.

A carefully constructed core narrative -- a unified identity piece that defines you, your business, your vision -- can become:

• a bio or one-sheet
• a web page or web site
• a social networking page profile
• the lead for a feature article
• the script for your video
• the intro to your e-book

You can post it, print it, hand it out, send it out.
But first, I'll help you get it in writing.




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  • As the philosopher Wittgenstein said: “Words are deeds.” The wrong word choice or grammatical construction or turn of phrase can muddle your message, kill your credibility, confuse your client. An edit – even the most cursory one – from a knowledgeable professional can be the difference between making the sale and making a fool of yourself.
  • Branding is not marketing. Marketing is a science, cut and dried -- features, benefits, market share. Branding is an art, emotional -- an association with a product or service that inspires trust and loyalty. It is, in regard to your special product or service, a promise kept. We help you define, refine -- and keep -- your promises.
  • In this, the era of the internet, nothing is more important for establishing credibility, solidifying image and communicating brand distinction than your web site. If you don’t have one, that should be your first priority…and one of the first things any web master will request of you is content. Content (words, ideas, explanations) drives your brand…and that’s where The Simmons Group comes in.
  • BLOGS (WEB LOGS).Your customers, potential customers, investors, employees and the media are all reading them. A blog positions you as a THOUGHT LEADER. It keeps you close, in-touch and attuned to your customer base. It can be reused and repurposed as an article or series of articles; an entry for powerful social media outlets like Facebook and/or Twitter; and eventually the chapter of that brand-defining book that puts the coveted descriptor “author” after your name. You need to start your blog today. It’s that important. Let’s talk.
  • It stands for Search Engine Optimization and – when done right - it stands out as perhaps the single most effective way of making your web site the go-to destination for potential customers in search of… you. FACT: Businesses actively using SEO are taking market share from away from their competitors. The right keywords or keyword phrases -- those used to search for your business -- are your golden ticket to finding and, I dare say, manipulating your market online. We can help you find and use those words to your greatest advantage. Really.
  • Never underestimate the power of a well-written business letter – or deny the potential for self-destruction that exists in a poorly written one. We can take your business letters from painful to powerful in short order…and on your schedule.
  • Whatever you’re selling, whatever you’re pitching, whatever your message or idea…online video and on-air radio are increasingly popular, coolly professional, unquestionably effective ways to present and promote.

    The catch is, even if you find the perfect video/radio production source, more often than not, they’ll expect you to supply the script. And with video or radio, your script should generate continuity, confidence, purpose, flow. We can write it for you. We can brainstorm and design it with you. We can even create the whole package – words, pictures, production – from the germ of an idea to a gem of an audience motivator. Whether it’s for your website, the air waves, your blog or your boardroom presentation, we provide what you need to seal the deal.
  • Whether your communication priorities are driven by the need for S.A.P. compliance or S.A.T. competency, mastering the basics of clear, concise, compelling expression is paramount to your professional survival. A former educator and coach, CEO Scot Simmons can make your seminar or tutorial experience a user-friendly, confidence-boosting, skill enhancing progress to better writing.
  • Thoreau was right. Most men do lead lives of quiet desperation…especially when it comes to writing that book or story or memoir that has been dogging their dream longings for ages. I can help make that particular dream a reality.